A Healthy Ministry is built on a Healthy Marriage
Marriage and Ministry...by Lisa N. Alexander is the guide you need to help you achieve success in both!

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Wife, author, and minister, Lisa N. Alexander, shares God's truth for couples serving together in ministry in her book, Marriage and Ministry: Successfully Working Marriage, Family and Ministry Together.

The truths Lisa share in this book will benefit any married couple who desire God's definition of success in their marriage.

Karen Pina of GODs Coach says:
“This literary piece . . . teaches how to have a marriage, family, and ministry that glorifies God and brings understanding to the purpose of marriage.”  

Ayanna Clark says:
"This book is needed...thank you for your obedience to God in writing this much needed book!"

Marriage and Ministry is now available through Amazon.com and can be downloaded immediately to your Kindle or cloud reader. Download your copy today and begin to experience God's design for your marriage and your ministry.

Are you and your spouse ready to experience God's
healing and wholeness in your
marriage and ministry?

Take the Marriage & Ministry: When Two Are Called E-course taught by Lisa and her husband Elgin! 

This e-course is taught over three-days and adresses communication, sex and intimacy and how to support each other's calling. The cost is only $19.95 and you can start anytime. Register by following this link today!